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Bastian Hoffmann

Bastian Hoffmann creates installations which use scientific phenomena to create fascinating illusions among their viewers. 

It is the auratic moment, which interests the artist. Hoffmann creates art, which changes our viewing habits, which makes us curious and momentarily abducts us from everyday life. He built a series of installations, but not the objects themselves but the process documentation is the focus of his artistic interest. Thus, a series of tutorials was developed, which largely operate through the demeanor of the artist. Through these tutorials, he has created a fitting format for conveying an entertaining DIY approach.


Jasmin Schaitl

Jasmin Schaitl is an artist and performer. Her work includes videos, photographies, installations and drawings. It focusses primarily on time; actual time as well as perceived time and the presence of the body. She works solo or with other artists on interdisciplinary projects. Her work consists of clear and minimalistic performances. They are concerned with silence, slowness, repetition and simplicity. Instead of construing narratives, she bases her actions on the simplicity of certain repeating and slow movements. Jasmin graduated in 2012 from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where she currently lives and works.

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