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© Foto: Renee Lindner

Ulrike Mohr

Ulrike Mohr was born in Germany in 1970, lives and works in Berlin.

She studied fine arts at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee and the Academy of Fine Arts Trondheim, Norway.

She regularly exhibits in international solo and group exhibitions and realizes various works in the public space. Ulrike Mohr received the Elsa Neumann Scholarship of the State of Berlin, the Mart Stam Prize and numerous scholarships such as the Istanbul Scholarship of the Berlin Senate and the Kunstfonds Foundation.

Ulrike Mohr's artistic approach uses processes of transformation of materials, which in turn are influenced by complex research results and traditional knowledge, but also by coincidence. Based on observations of nature, her works have their own material presence, which the artist transfers into artificial spaces, such as the public space or an exhibition space. Her position as a sculptor is the result of a process-oriented handling of context-related materials, which she transfers into poetic installations, interventions and spatial drawings. Her interest lies in visualizing the relationship between aesthetics and science - present and past.


Johannes Specks und Marie Donike

We are Marie and Johannes. We are intensely involved with food. We like to prepare it, experiment with taste, pickling, cooking jam and so on. We love to cook and bake for nice people and eat with them. Besides all the cooking Johannes studied art at the HfBK Dresden. Now he is a master student of Martin Honert. Marie studied art history in Dresden and Vienna besides all the baking. Because we love art and food so much, we like it best when we can combine both. This happens more and more often.

Most of the time we work site-specifically. We design food in the context of space. This means i.e. that for the annual exhibitions of the art school we served pizza, which we prepared on a marble slab  and baked in the stone oven, which was built by Johannes from old bricks on top of old sandstone blocks. Last year we grilled spring vegetables in the herb and vegetable garden of the Festspielhaus Hellerau as part of an arts festival. We were also (perhaps) the first people with a scholarship for culinary arts to which we were invited by the Libken Denk- und Produktionsraum in the Uckermark, that was fantastic. At the moment we are exhibiting an installation in the Galerie Ursula Walter, which could be used by the visitors themselves at the opening, where they toasted bread and complemented it with chutney/cheese/butter/pickled root vegetables or orange marmalade. Above the table hung a serigraphed image of toast with chutney, cheese and pickled root vegetables. In an artistic context, a culinary work has the inherent potential to be not too complex to be accessible to most people, as they can usually find themselves in it in some way. Food arouses emotions, it smells, it makes sounds, it tastes, it brings people together. 

We are pleased to be part of the Dialogfelder and to be able to realize a work in the Sonnenberg district. It is a special place with a special character. We already have an idea.

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