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As part of the Dialogfeld DREI by Klub Solitaer e.V.,
and Tainá Guedes.

How to deal with the global loss of seed diversity? How to react to the accompanying disappearance of species and food diversity?

With her work Taste Gallery, Taina Guedes tries to approach these questions. By meeting people, talking to them about their eating habits, interviewing and portraying them, she creates a glocal memory. Seven people, seven entities, seven videos that tell of food diversity. To be viewed online as Taste Gallery, on site as large-format, interactive prints.


Part of the Taste Gallery is also the so-called Foodartbank (please scroll down) on this website and Instagram, which enables interested people under the hashtags #foodartbank and #letscookthefuturetogether to share their recipes, eating habits and much more with the general public.


"Food is an universal language that can promote positive change". So let's all start to participate!


Gurvinder Kaur India

(2020, Chemnitz Sonnenberg)


Zohal Rezaie Afghanistan

(2020, Chemnitz Sonnenberg)


Hussain Brazil

(2020, Chemnitz Sonnenberg)


Alba Valdez Dom. Republik

(2020, Chemnitz Sonnenberg)


Gustavo Guimaraes Brazil

(2020, Chemnitz Sonnenberg)


Salli Marocco

(2020, Chemnitz Sonnenberg)

As part of the Dialogfeld DREI by Klub Solitaer e.V.,

and Tainá Guedes

@dialogfelder | @tataisgram | @klubsolitaerev
#foodartbank #letscookourfuturetogether

Welcome to our #foodartbank, a special site as part of the dialogfelder 2020.

For Tainá Guedes, food is a common base for expressing and sharing thoughts and ideas. The artists work explores the political and social impact of food as a manifestation of history, sociology, geography, science, philosophy and communication.

Tainá's Foodartbank has the aim to make it "tastable" how tasty diversity is, and how important is to preserve our food culture alive. The artist's aims to bring the Chemnitz community closer to people all around the world by sharing their food stories, recipes, and whatever comes with it.

To participate simply send us your food story, a recipe and a photo of the recipe to per mail. Tainá appreciates if the recipe is vegetarian, so anyone can cook it and enjoy it.

We look very much forward to hearing your stories and publish them via our Insta-Feed #foodartbank!

So now, be part of it and #letscookourfuturetogether!

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