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Adela Iacoban

Adela is a self-denying space-hacker, whose work intersects with architecture, scenography and concrete poetry in urban topography, while being none of the above. 

Through her activities or her dauntless contemplation, she increasingly tries to make room for neurodiversity, by making up different narratives for the public spaces. 

She creates confusion through constructive and deconstructive interventions in Bukarest and Berlin, where she lives and works, steals plants and gives them public space.


Dilek Acay

Born 1983 in Istanbul, Gökçen Dilek Acay studied at the Technical University Istandbul (2009) and graduated from an MFA-programme at Bauhaus-University Weimar. 

She presented her works at the Watermill Center Benefit 2013, curated by Robert Wilson, as well as being a guest artist at the Cite International des Arts Paris being supported by the IKSV.

She received the third honorable mention of the New Generation Young Contemporary Artists competition and was selected fpr the 17th international Biennale of young European and Mediterranean artists in Mailand (2015). 

Her works discuss the topic of suppression of power and destructive energies of the human being. She uses different animalisitc motives and symbols to show the contrast and exchange between the brutal human and the humane beast. 

This kind of power is the reflection of the modern society and political structure of a brutal and instinctively humane being. 

The modern human consists of contradictions. Dilek Acay aims to accentuate this brutality and violence, under which disadvantaged beings as well as objectified and abused female bodies suffer.

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