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Despite its omnipresence in everyday life, the idea of virtuality and digitalization is still mainly governed by science ficition scenarios. It is our trun to decide, which ethical and moral values we want to establish with regard to the challenges brought about by the digital age, and how we want to define the relationship between humans and machines, its hybrid nature, in the future. 

With the Dialogfelder project, we open a public, artistic discursive sphere for these questions. Under the topic of digitalization in public space, we invite three pairs of artists to the Chemnitz district Sonnenberg. They translate their visions and phantasies concerning this topic into interventions in the quarter and contrast these (seemingly) science-fictions scenarios with everyday, real experiences and experiment-spaces. 

Drag and Drop” is the most intuitive form of virtual interaction. It changes, (re)moves, arranges, processes, copies and in doing so, opens up new worlds and possibilities. Using this title, we hence pose the question, which kind of digitalization enriches the public sphere, and which kind should rather be investigated and questioned critically. 

Ranging from Augmented Reality over Holography and Projection Mapping up to Robotics  - we ask artists of divers disciplines to share their visions and versions of digital participation in the Sonnenberg district and transfer the principle of “Drag and Drop” to the analogue context. 



To present the neighborhood with digital technologies as a tool to collectively shape the city, we combine the artistic interventions with a diverse program of art mediation formats. We want to actively involve the local residents in the project and offer the the city space as an analogue interface, which they can appropriated and shape through hybrid means and methods. 

In doing so, we focus on conveying this playfully, by connecting the individual learning processes to happenings, workshops and events. 

LAN-Parties, Art-Cashing, District-Audio Walks, Shortfilm Hikes und Network-Name-Poems thus complete the artistic developments in public space. 

Video by Ernesto Uhlmann | Team Chemnitz 2025

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